Suspect in 'Junior' murder trial rejects plea deal

One of the suspects in the slaying of Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz rejected a plea deal that would give him 23 years to life in prison Thursday.
Jonaiki Martinez-Estrella allegedly delivered the fatal blow to Junior last year. He is part of the 14 men accused of fatally beating the teen in Belmont.
Jury selection for the trial has been ongoing, with two more jurors being selected. Currently, 10 jurors have been selected.
Judge Robert Neary addressed accusations that Junior was involved in gang activity, saying there has been no substantial evidence to prove that yet. He wants the defense to stay away from that topic during opening statements.
The defense responded by saying cooperating witnesses having been making claims Junior was involved in gang activity prior to his death.
Judge Neary is hoping to begin opening statements on Monday, but it may be pushed back by the jury selection process.