Suspected gang members named witnesses in testimony of Junior trial

The murder trial of Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz is about to enter its third week.
Five suspected Trinitarios gang members are facing first-degree murder charges in the fatal stabbing of the Belmont teen.
Suspected gang members were named cooperating witnesses in NYPD testimony for the first time this past week.
Prosecutors started introducing the alleged roles of some of the other nine suspected killers who are awaiting their own trial on second-degree murder charges.
The proceedings began Tuesday with prosecutors showing photo of a gray Honda Accord at the scene. Investigators say the car belonged to Luis A. Cabrera Santos, who was arrested in Connecticut.
Prosecutors also showed the jury mug shots of each defendant next to freeze frames of surveillance footage from the scene.
Det. Francis Orlando testified Thursday that Junior was heading toward Adams Place, a known hangout spot for the sunset chapter of the Trinitarios, the night of his death. The defense attempted to show the attack on Junior was by alleged members of the Los Sures set of the Trinitarios in retaliation for another incident between the rival gangs. They also tried to show the attackers did not intend to kill Junior.
Junior's family and friends have denied gang ties. Prosecutors say the argument is irrelevant to what the defendants are on trial for.
Prosecutors showed a 22-minute video compilation Friday of the pursuit and stabbing of Junior.
An NYPD gang expert also testified on the Trinitarios gang culture. He said Suero was in command at the time of Junior's death.
Prosecutors have accused Suero of ordering the hit on the sunset chapter of the gang the night of Junior's death. Prosecutors say Junior was mistaken for a rival gang member.
The gang expert also testified on discipline of the gang -- saying people who snitch are ordered to be killed.
The trial will resume on Monday.