Technology aims to turn patients into survivors at new St. Barnabas Hospital Health and Wellness Center

The Belmont community in the Bronx is getting ready to welcome a new neighbor four years in the making.
The St. Barnabas Hospital Health and Wellness Center was built across the street from the hospital campus, to connect Bronx residents to various resources and services, including the latest advancements in breast cancer screenings.
News 12 cameras got a sneak peek inside the brand new 50,000 square-foot space, that will be an urgent care, a gym, a teaching kitchen, as well as a state-of-the-art technology that’s helping women survive breast cancer.
The 3D screening technology is currently being used on the hospital campus, where the services are at capacity. It’s making the move across Third Avenue, to the new and expanded ‘Women’s Imaging Center’ where the rooms are ready and waiting.
Doctors say the equipment paints a clearer picture, improves diagnostics, and saves lives.
They say it is a game-changing statistic in the fight against a disease that is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women in the United States.
The Health and Wellness Center hopes to have its doors officially open by mid-November, and the Women's Imaging Center inside plans to start accepting patients as soon as it is.