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Tenant: Cockroach infestation in Morris Heights apartment is growing worse

The tenant says that the infestations began with mice in 2019. Now, roaches are her biggest concern for her and her six kids.

News 12 Staff

Feb 20, 2023, 10:57 PM

Updated 484 days ago


A Morris Heights apartment building is under fire after a resident says she has been complaining about the building's cockroach infestation for over a year.
Matika, a single mother of six kids lives in the building managed by Tulepo Apartments, and says the infestation started in fall of 2019 with mice.
She says management came to patch up the holes where mice were crawling, but they did not come frequently enough to suppress the problem.
Now, Matika's biggest concern is the cockroach problem.
"There's roaches all through here, as you can see like on the papers, there's like roach eggs and stuff," said Matika. "I've made multiple work orders…they came to do an inspection, and they had a list of violations from 311."
She says her apartment is filled with the roaches, from her kitchen cabinets anf freezer to her air fryer and behind paintings in her home.
News 12 reached out to Tupelo Apartments Property Management, who provided the following statement:
"It's critical for residents to reach out when they have a concern and to keep scheduled appointments with pest control and maintenance team members so any work orders can be addressed as quickly as possible. The wellbeing of our residents is our top priority." 
Matika is calling on Tupelo's management to make this right by getting her into a new apartment and helping fix her infested appliances.
"I just want them to replace my stuff," said Matika. "If I take this stuff with me, I'm gonna be taking the roaches with me."

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