Tenants at Sackwern Houses claim they are being invaded by rodents

Tenants in a Clason Point housing development claim they are being invaded by rats. 
They say the problem has gotten worse, and that rodents are emerging from their toilets. 
Dolly Signer says she filmed a rodent clawing its way above her kitchen stove at the Sackwern Houses just before she killed it. 
Tenants at the Lafayette Avenue building shared their unpleasant encounters with the rodents with News 12. 
Residents say rodents are coming from holes in the walls. They say repair work was recently done in some units to seal up the holes, but they claim the patch repair hasn’t been adequate to keep the rodents at bay. 
The building has a total of 12 complaints listed on the Department of Buildings website. None of the complaints were for rodent problems. 
The two most recent complaints filed last month were for a broken elevator. Tenants tell News 12 that the New York City Housing Authority informed them that extermination has been scheduled for December. 
However, tenants say they shouldn’t have to wait that long and put up with rats invading their living space.