Tenants: No running water since Friday at Morris Heights building

Tenants of a Morris Heights building say they have had no running water since Friday.
Tenants at 2010 Grand Ave. say the building’s management has been giving different answers as to when the problem will be fixed. The outage is affecting the building’s faucets, showers and laundry room.
Tenants were using the laundry room faucet to do simple things like cook and wash themselves – until that broke too.
The tenants say management told them that the water isn't working due to construction down the road. They also told tenants they were waiting on a piece of equipment that would fix the problem.
They called Councilman Fernando Cabrera to advocate for them. He, in turn, contacted the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.
From there, the management company could be fined hundreds of dollars for each day the water is out.
The building manager declined to comment on the situation