Dangerous heat continues today in the Bronx for the first day of summer

Tensions flare at AOC town hall in Parkchester

Tensions flared at a town hall hosted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cotez in Parkchester on Thursday.

Heather Fordham

May 31, 2024, 2:22 AM

Updated 20 days ago


The congresswoman began the question-and-answer style meeting by commenting on the verdict in the Trump hush money trial.
"What I do think is important is that I do think that he should be should have been impeached, and I think he should be stripped of his ability to be president personally. But, you know, I think that that at the end of the day, the law is what it is, and in respecting the law, it is it is a shocking fact. But it is a fact nevertheless that an individual, even if you are indicted, tried, convicted by a jury of your peers on 34 different federal felony counts, you can still run for president. And this man is the Republican and will be the Republican nominee. And he will likely be on the ballot in November," said AOC.
An attendee replied to the congresswoman shouting back that it had nothing to do with the meeting.
Despite the heated debates, a handful of questions from the community were answered.
Topics ranged from the mental health crisis to the migrant crisis and the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act, the American Climate Corps, the DEFIANCE Act, IRS Direct File and student loan forgiveness.
The congresswoman also addressed money secured for Bronx specific projects, including a youth center in Co-Op city, a warehouse for fresh produce in Hunts Point and improvements to street safety in Westchester Square.

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