The Download: Roli Lumi Keys

Do you want to learn how to play the piano on the go? News 12’s Andrew Ehinger shows us a device that can make playing the instrument a lot easier. 
The Roli Lumi Keys is a high-tech keyboard that helps individuals learn the piano in a fun, easy way.
Sophie Solomon says it takes users by the hand and guides them on the first steps of music-making.
“So, whether you like Beyonce, The Weeknd, 'Game of Thrones,' whatever it is you want to play, you can play it on the Lumi app,” Solomon says. “You hook up over Bluetooth and straight away you can start playing.”
With light-up keys and its high-tech app, it makes learning the piano like playing "Guitar Hero."
The Lumi is battery-powered so it can be taken on the road to play or practice anywhere. 
The Lumi Key is $299.