The Download: Xgimi Horizon Pro 4K projector

Projection TVs aren't new -- but now there's an ultra-bright, true 4K projector with smart TV capabilities built-in.
Xgimi's new Horizon Pro 4K projector is packed with features that make it a must-have for backyard movies or watching TV on a huge screen. It can project up to a 300-inch screen size without much degradation.
"We recommend, for the best experience, up to 150 inches because that is normal size. Everything after that is gigantic," said Andres Gomez of Xgimi.
The Horizon Pro has built in Android TV for easy streaming, and a host of other wireless and HDMI connections. But what really makes the Horizon Pro unique is its auto keystone feature. Place the projector just about anywhere in the room and it will automatically adjust the image for a perfect picture, even if jostled.
"We are building technology that allows you to just play the projector anywhere without you having to know about any kind of set up," Gomez said.
The projector will also notice if something gets in the way and uses AI to adjust the image.
"It will automatically fit the projection into the screen no matter where you are without you having to do anything," said Gomez.The Horizon Pro also has great sound with powerful dual speakers tuned by Harmon-Kardon.
The Xgimi Horizon Pro 4K projector retails for $1,700.