The Met’s ‘Play It Loud’ exhibit shows the importance of music over the years

Rock-and-roll relics are front and center at a new exhibit, showcasing the influence of the art form through instruments.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new “Play it Loud” exhibit sets out to show visitors what instruments can show us about different moments in history.
“Everybody comes through, and they recognize some of the music, and many people will recognize the instruments and then they realize that they’ve heard that instrument so many times,” says curator Jayson Dobney.
Dobney says music is one of the most important art forms and has impacted everything from politics to the entertainment industry.
“Musical instruments are the objects that make rock-and-roll music, and in many cases they’re the most beloved personal items that a musician uses in their career. So, a lot of painted instruments and lot of specialty designed instruments that really shows how these instruments aren’t just for making music, they’re often visual displays of an artist as well,” says Dobney.