'There has to be consequences': Detectives' Endowment Association head expresses concern about bail reform

The head of one of the local police unions says it's about time that others started echoing their concerns about the bail reform laws.
On Monday night, mothers who lost their sons to gun violence rallied on the steps of Bronx Borough Hall calling for change to the current bail reform laws.
The president of the Detectives' Endowment Association says the NYPD unions have said since day one that the bail reform laws would lead to more violence. He says NYPD detectives have made almost 400 gun arrests in the last four weeks but that 75% of those who were arrested have already been released. He says something needs to change before things get any worse.
Detective Paul Digiacomo says, "I'm glad other people are speaking out now. They're finally seeing the effects it has on community, the effects it has the City of New York and the effects it has on the police department. Repeat offenders who are carrying firearms and using firearms - there has to be consequences. There has to be people held in jail if you're caught with a firearm."