‘They embrace it. Wholeheartedly.’- Lecturer stresses diversity to students ahead of Oscars

While the Oscars are the biggest night in Hollywood, the award show faced criticism for its lack of diversity in recent years. 
Halle Berry broke the glass ceiling back in 2002. She became the first Black woman to win the Best Actress Oscar in the show’s history.
Lecturer, Dijana Jelaca,  says diversity is important across the board. 
“It recognizing difference without making difference be something excludes or separates us. Something that enriches all of us. To have them be as diverse and for those fields and professions to be as inclusive as possible is also incredibly important,” said Jelaca. 
She says she sees the impact of diversity taught through film each day in the classroom, pouring into her students at Brooklyn College. 
“Very important my students not only recognize the importance of that. They embrace it. Wholeheartedly. Most of them are future filmmakers….. for them to see the history and how diverse,” said Jelaca. 
While change can’t happen overnight, Jelaca says diversity impacts future stories that could be told years from now.