‘This is their building.’ Ledecky says Isles fans will feel at home at UBS Arena

On Saturday, 17,000 Islanders fans will pack UBS Arena for the team’s inaugural game in their new home – a feat more than 20 years in the making.
News 12’s Kevin Maher spoke to team co-owner Jon Ledecky, who says he can’t wait to see fans’ reaction to the finished product.
Ledecky says fans had a huge impact on the look and feel of the arena.
“This is their building. They feel like they built it. That's the best thing an owner in sports can ask for,” says Ledecky.
What are some of the spots Islanders fans should check out inside the building?
“The first thing is the inclusive nature of the arena. Most arenas – there’s a rope and you can't go here and you can't go there. In this building, we're going to let people go where they want to go so it's open to the public.”
Interview with Islanders owner John Ledecky
He also mentioned the Heineken Bar, the Tailgate Bar and the outside terrace where fans can see the paddock at Belmont Park.
“The major spaces we built here -- the fans said, ‘Jon, don't make it a corporate suit building. We are Islander fans. We want to be able to celebrate together.’”
Ledecky told Maher that he was able to incorporate the “best of the best” practices from other teams in the league.
“Imitation is the foremost form of flattery,” said Ledecky. “We have tried to build a building that is unique and different but also incorporates these best practices.”
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