'This water keeps leaking down.' Bronxdale woman fears leaky bathroom ceiling may collapse

A Bronxdale family says they are afraid that their leaky bathroom ceiling is on the verge of collapsing.
Mercedes Figuero, who is 8 months pregnant, says drips of water from the ceiling keep her up all night. She says about three times a day, her ceiling looks like a running faucet.
"This water keeps leaking down," says Figuero. "Everything keeps crumbling and deteriorating, it's mold."
Figuero says she's been forced to establish a daily routine of mopping, wiping and emptying heavy buckets of water that quickly fill up from the ongoing leak.
She says another problem is that her family can't enjoy a shower for fear that the ceiling will collapse on them.
Figuero's husband is concerned that his wife could slip and fall.
The family says the leaky ceiling has been a problem for the last two years. They say it has gotten a lot worse.
The Figuero's say they have made numerous complaints to 311 and contacted building management.
According to the Department of Housing Preservation and Development's website, the building at 3046 Holland Ave. has both a vacate order and order to repair against the site. Complaints on the HPD site range from pests, leaky ceilings and pipes, hot water complaints and lack of repairs in apartments.
Figuero says she just wants the problem fixed once and for all.
The property is owned by the Neighborhood Renewal HDFC. News 12 reached out to the property manager but has not heard back.