Thousands without power across the Bronx following strong wind, rainstorm

Con Edison says there are thousands of people without power across the Bronx.

Samantha Chaney and

News 12 Staff

Apr 4, 2024, 11:00 AM

Updated 52 days ago


Thousands of Bronx residents were left devastated by last night's rainstorm, knocking outpower out and destroying belongings.
Victor Figueroa's car was parked on Marble Hill Ave yesterday when a tree, hit by gusty winds, fell on top of it.
"The wind was just so strong, it just started knocking everything over," said Figueroa.
Con Edison says 12,150 customers in the Bronx were without power.
The Parks Department says at least 60 trees across the city were knocked down, leaving people like Figueroa struggling to get to work today.
"It’s really hard because I work at 5 in the morning. So, instead of getting up at 3:45, I have to get up at 3 just to make it."
Multiple streets are blocked across the Bronx. Drivers can expect delays as cleanup crews clear the roads.

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