TikTok video of Clinton Hill man playing real life Mario Kart through NYC goes viral

Ever feel like playing Mario Kart in New York City, but in real life?

News 12 Staff

Aug 27, 2020, 12:10 PM

Updated 1,369 days ago


Ever feel like playing Mario Kart in New York City, but in real life?
A local videographer and his friend did exactly that and turned it into a TikTiok video that now has nearly 30,000 views.
Caleb Simpson, 28, is giving people something to talk about with his Mario Kart video.
"It was an idea I had about three years ago, but I didn't really know how to execute it at the time and COVID hit and I was like OK, let's order some go-karts, let me hire a film crew, let me get my friend Irving to play Luigi and let's just do it,” says Simpson.
The Clinton Hill resident, who has nearly 60 million likes on TikTok, went for a joy ride with his friend, edited the video together and posted it last week for people all over to enjoy.
Simpson says the Mario Kart video is just one of his many ideas.
“I booked tickets to go hiking [at] Mount Kilimanjaro in October, and I'm like that's something I've wanted to do and I'm like this would be a great story,” says Simpson.
He's also currently in Seattle because that's where his TikTok followers told him to go.
He says they are controlling his life for 24 hours and his next video will be of all the shenanigans he gets into.
"I think my overall mission is as a creator, it's just like you can go out and achieve whatever it is you want to achieve, and I want to show that through my videos,” says Simpson.
Simpson says he’s unsure if they’ll make a follow up video to Mario Kart, but he tells News 12 his fans are asking for one.
“Everyone keeps commenting you need Princess Peach,” says Simpson.

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