Times Square offers sights and attractions for the whole family year-round

Times Square offers attractions for the whole family to enjoy year-round
Times Square has been known as the Crossroads of the World since 1904, but Tim Dolan, owner of Broadway Up Close Tours, says it wasn't always that way.
"Up until then it was barns, it was stables," Dolan says. "All of our theaters were down the block in Herald Square."
Broadway Up Close Tours offers behind-the-scenes insight from people in the entertainment industry about iconic spots, such as the Times Tower.
"The fun fact about it, it's empty. There's a Walgreens at the bottom, but really 23 floors of empty building," Dolan says.
Even with Broadway theaters closed until at least the fall, there's still plenty to do.
"Come to the Red Steps and sit down and watch the greatest show in the world, the greatest free show in the world, people-watching in Times Square," says Tom Harris, the acting president of the Times Square Alliance.