Tips for braving the frigid temperatures across the Bronx

As the deep freeze continued across the borough, officials reminded people to be prepared.
First, they advise anyone commuting Monday to make sure their car battery is OK.
According to AAA, batteries can lose up to 50 percent when temperatures drop dangerously low.
Check out your tire pressure as well, as it can also drop in extreme cold.
As for pets, veterinarians say even though dogs have their furry coats, they really need an extra layer or two in these kinds of conditions. So put on a jacket and even some little boots for their paws.
Finally, anyone heading outside should make sure all exposed skin is covered because wind burn and frostbite are real concerns. It's also important to dress in multiple layers.
The CDC says shivering, exhaustion, confusion, fumbling of hands and memory loss are all signs of hypothermia. Anyone who notices these symptoms in either themselves or someone else should seek medical attention immediately.
Another thing to keep in mind is some black ice or icy spots on the road that are easy to miss.