Tips for Thanksgiving drivers before they hit the road

AAA offered some advice to New Yorkers hitting the roads to gather with family for Thanksgiving dinner celebrations.
AAA anticipated more than 411,000 breakdowns through Sunday, including flat tires and dead batteries.
While those situations are minor for car troubles, they can be super inconvenient - so be sure to get the battery tested and to check tire pressure.
AAA officials say that when you see emergency lights by the side of the road, you are supposed to slow down. You are also advised to change lanes.
"Being stuck on the side of the road is very inconvenient but can also be very dangerous," says Robert Sinclair Jr., of AAA Northeast. "We see civilians that are killed when they're by a broken-down vehicle. You've got traffic and trucks and buses and cars speeding by at high speed, and it's easy for somebody to lose control."