TV show directed by Ben Stiller filmed in Yonkers

A TV show directed by Ben Stiller is being filmed in Yonkers.
The show is called "Severance," and it's supposed to be streamed on Apple TV+.
It's part of an exciting trend in the city - production companies choosing Yonkers as a backdrop for their films, according to a city official.
Those who live on Pietro Drive are enjoying their new neighbors for the day.
"It's a pleasure to see people around activity and stuff. I like it. I guess everyone enjoys it. I went by. I guess there are over 100 people," says Elsa Divita, who lives on Pietro Drive.
Last year, Yonkers IDA approved the financial incentives for Lionsgate to build a film studio in the city - something that developers say will create hundreds of jobs and bring in tens of millions in economic development.