Unexpected friendship between father, NYPD detective blooms after tragedy in 2020

An unexpected friendship, a father grieving the loss of his daughter who dies by suicide--finding solace and inspiration thanks to the words of an NYPD officer he met at this daughter’s memorial. 
In May of 2020, Patrick Jabbour’s daughter Amanda died by suicide. "I miss her. I miss her more than people can even imagine the hugs and kisses and her saying I miss you , I'm glad you're here,” said Jabbour. 
In October, he put together a memorial motorcycle run in her honor and NYPD Detective Anthony Stewart was assigned to escort them. 
He says not only did Detective Stewart go above and beyond to protect them as they rode from Brooklyn to Long Island, but little did he know the impact his words would have or that Jabbour would go out of his way to make sure Detective Stewart knew how grateful he was. 
A friendship they say was born out of complete tragedy. 
"I'll never forget him, and his daughter as well. I never met her, but I'll never forget her,” said Detective Stewart.