Unhealthy influence: People are getting plastic surgery to increase Instagram fame

People are getting plastic surgery to increase their Instagram fame.

News 12 Staff

Jan 22, 2020, 2:22 AM

Updated 1,636 days ago


Instagram has recently banned filters in the app that would mimic the look of plastic surgery.
This was done as more and more people seem to be getting real plastic surgery in order to look like social media influencers who post daily online. Some experts now suggest that the struggle to create a perfect appearance online is now bleeding over into the real world.
Plastic surgeon Dr. John Paul Tutela says that some clients are, “Showing me their wish pics, and they’re other influencers on Instagram. He says that the clients ask for specific body or facial types that they see online.
Tutela says that the ability to post “selfies” online is also contributing to the issue.
“People are taking photos of themselves very close up, seeing it instantly, then posting it and, you know, getting everybody’s reaction immediately,” he says. "It's not the place of a plastic surgeon or anyone else in your life to point out flaws."
With surgical and nonsurgical enhancements on the rise, Tutela says that it is important for someone to have an honest conversation with their doctor.
“I talk with each patient about what their goals are for what they’re trying to achieve. And then we talk about ways to achieve it, what that might entail and then what recovery will look like,” he says.
Instagram has done several other things to help quell the negative effects of social media, such as removing the number of likes on a photo that the public can see.

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