Unvaccinated Bronx teacher escorted out of school building

An unvaccinated teacher attempted to go to work today in the Bronx only to be escorted out of the building.
Initially this morning, unvaccinated Cassandra Ynocencio was allowed in the school building. As the DOE's vaccine mandate placed all unvaccinated employees on leave, she says only the administration knew her vaccination status. But then within a few minutes of her arrival, she was escorted out of the building by public safety guards.
Ynocencio teaches English and special education. She says she tells her students to advocate for themselves and that is what she is now doing. She spoke with News 12 about how she was denied an exemption despite writing a testament to her religious beliefs and the DOE gave her no explanation.
She says she isn't against the vaccine, but it isn't for her, and she doesn't believe her employer should mandate what she puts in her body.
This has been a heavily contested topic, being brought to court and protested across the city.
News 12 has also learned from the DOE that 9,000 vaccinated substitute teachers are available to fill the empty spots left by those who were not allowed to show up for work.
Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday that 95% of teachers working full time have been vaccinated.