Uplift NYC provides meals for families to last a whole week

A nonprofit organization is providing food for families to last them a whole week. 
Boxes are packed with brand-name items, oatmeal, pasta, coffee and more as Uplift NYC strives to feed families during the coronavirus pandemic. 
"If people are hungry, we're not going to lower the standard just due to poverty. It's not like we're here, here's a can, go eat. It's like we're going to give folks what we would eat in our homes,” says co-founder Domingo Estevez. 
The organization normally works with low-income youth and their families providing educational, health and other resources. 
Five weeks ago, the organization decided to adapt to the pandemic. With the help of donations, it's gone from helping 25 families to 150 weekly across upper Manhattan and the Bronx. 
They include the elderly, those quarantined with coronavirus, and parents who have lost their jobs. 
The deliveries carry enough to last seven days, and the nonprofit even received 200 books through a partnership with Flat Iron Books and Angie Cruz, the author of “Dominicana."