Vaccination program offers at-home shots for greater accessibility

An 82-year-old woman received her third coronavirus shot at her Boreum Hill home thanks to a vaccination program that's designed to offer greater accessibility.
Judith Ruland says the process was easy.
“It is such a convenience. It is important and I'm doing the interview because if I can affect one person to be willing to do this, then I feel this is all worthwhile,” she says.
The vaccination was made possible through Test and Trace along with Medrite administering the vaccine.
Ruland says getting the first two doses were not as smooth because she had to travel by car to the locations.
She says she’s happy she was eligible to get the shot in the comfort of her home and encourages others to do the same.
“A lot of people are bed-bound…elderly who can't get out,” says a Medrite representative. “We're able to help them out, go in there…give their vaccine. Very excited about it…such a great program.”
News 12 is told Test and Trace averages 160 at-home vaccination visits per day.
To see if you’re eligible to receive a third coronavirus dose, visit the CDC website for further information.