Video showing moments leading up to Michael Rosado’s death released by attorney general

New video has been released in relation to the death of Michael Rosado, a Bronx man who was shot and killed by police in August. 
News 12 received new surveillance released by state Attorney General Letitia James' office.
The surveillance gives a bit more insight into what happened in Fordham that night. 
The video shows what is believed to be 24-year-old Michael Rosado firing a gun into the air. At some point in the video, Rosado is seen with his hands up and backing away. 
Police sources say Rosado pointed a gun at police, which later resulted in him being shot. 
Police sources say the video then shows him crouching down and crawling to hide behind a car. Later, the video shows what appears to be Rosado’s father picking up the gun and continuing to shoot. 
People are then seen trying to help Michael Rosado by dragging him from behind the car and that’s when police appeared in the frame to intervene, according to police sources. 
The video provides a new angle into the case which has been under fire as angered community members say police wrongfully shot Rosado because he had his hands up. 
The surveillance video was released to increase transparency and strengthen the public’s trust, officials say.