'We need more time to grow': Mott Haven charter school fighting to stay open

A Mott Haven charter school is in danger of closing its doors, but staff and parents are not going down without a fight.
K-5, dual-language Heketi Community Charter School has about 300 students enrolled. Last year before the holidays, the state Charter School Institute alerted Heketi that it was in danger of shutting down after observing classroom instruction and reviewing its test scores.
"When I found out what was happening to the school, I was just devastated," says parent leader and coordinator Stephanie Caban.
Principal David Rosas says tests scores can't measure all of the types of learning students experience.
"I'm not saying we're perfect. I'm saying we need more time to grow," says Rosas.
With a strong investment in social and emotional support, parents say they've seen positive changes in their kids.
"The kids are growing, and the kids are learning and the kids are happy," says parent Juan Madera.
The state is expected to make a final decision next month.
Joseph W. Belluck, the chair of SUNY Chart Schools Committee told News 12 in a statement, "the Charter Schools Act of 1998 grants Trustees the authority to make sure public charter schools operate successfully. The Trustees take seriously that we are entrusted with holding schools accountable for meeting the criteria in the SUNY Renewal policies and renewing schools that are likely to improve or sustain high levels of student learning. We will review the Institute’s recommendation and hear the position of the charter school in response to the recommendation at our next meeting."