We’re Open: Untamed Studio wants to help you get rid of the 'quarantine 15'

From battle ropes to boxing, new fitness center Untamed Studio opened on Morris Park Avenue in February, and offers full body personal training and bootcamp classes.
"Power lifting, endurance, weight loss, muscle gain, so whatever you're looking for we have it here," says trainer Antonio Hernandez.
Untamed says it is the perfect spot for beginners or experienced athletes to get a good workout.
"We don't want to just throw you in there to the wolves as if you were another gym, we want to guide you and get you to where you want to be."
The studio's original location opened in 2016, but then moved to Morris Park Avenue to expand and grow just five months ago during the pandemic.
"Once the doors were open again full steam ahead because not only were our members itching for something to do, but I'm also a personal trainer and I was sitting at home losing my mind," Hernandez says.
Hernandez adds whether you're looking to get rid of the quarantine 15 or just get back to socializing, he has one goal for you: "When you leave this door, you feel better about yourself and you have a different outlook either on your day or the future or whatever. I just want you to feel better."