Westbury SD finds temporary fix to private schools’ transportation woes that left parents scrambling

Westbury school officials worked throughout the weekend to guarantee busing for students through at least May 13, a spokesperson for the district says.
The new academic year started Tuesday for many Catholic schools on Long Island, but parents living in the Westbury area were left scrambling to find transportation for their kids to school.
An email from the superintendent of Westbury schools was sent out on Friday saying one of its bus companies will no longer be able to take students to and from school this year.
Westbury Mayor Peter Cavallaro says the busing issue would have affected hundreds of students in the community.
“It was a serious issue,” Cavallaro says. “People were concerned about it.”
News 12 Long Island learned that this busing issue would have impacted at least six schools.
A permanent agreement is also being worked on.