Westchester PBA calls for lawmakers' support in wake of NYPD officer's fatal shooting

Police in Westchester say the Harlem shooting that killed one NYPD officer and critically injured another is heartbreaking, but not surprising.
Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Detective Keith Olson says police feel alone and they want to see a change.
"I can't even count the amount of funerals I've been to," Olson says.
He adds that officers are strapping mourning bands to their badges too often with four officers shot in New York City in four days.
"It's heartbreaking to watch it all unfold," he says.
Olson also leads the Affiliated Police Associations of Westchester that link the county's 45 PBAs.
He says there's a reason for so much violence against police.
"Several years ago, a fire was lit, a fuse was lit. It was an anti-police fuse," Olson says.
He says now it disgusts him to see some of the same politicians he thinks are responsible publicly mourn the officers who were shot.
He wants to see them apologize and reconsider some laws that include bail reform, the age of criminal responsibility, and discovery reform, and to require prosecutors disclose evidence sooner.
"We warned them from day one they'd have a tremendous effect on crime on the streets and making things more dangerous and nobody listened," Olson says.
But several people say reforms are not to blame for Friday's shooting and does not have to mean putting officers in danger.
Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul say they're working to get stolen guns off the streets. Olson says there are 400 million floating around the country.
"It's like drugs. If people want to find a gun, they're going to find one. When someone gets caught with one, they need to be punished," Olson stresses.
News 12 reached out to several state lawmakers from the Hudson Valley to see if they'll offer Olson the partnership he says officers want, but none were available to speak.