Westchester teen thriving in not traditional sport of fencing

Fencing is not your traditional sport, but one Westchester teen has made it her expertise.
Kyle Fallon started fencing at 7 years old while she enjoyed playing other activities. But it was a famous movie series that drew her to the sport – “Star Wars.”
“My dad made me watch every single ‘Star Wars’ movie. I wanted to watch it too,” Fallon told News 12. “It was mostly Anakin Skywalker because he was pretty cool.”
Fallon’s determination and drive to succeed helped her win tournaments quickly. At age 15, she's ranked third nationally in the Cadets 17-and-under Division in EP-AA.
“If I want to win something I will most likely win it, because if my mind is set in the right place, it's very difficult to fence me,” she added.
Vadim Diambekov, owner of the Fencing Academy of Westchester, has coached Fallon since Day One.
“Kyle is like the perfect package of athlete,” he said. “She's tall, slim, athletic, and fast. She can see things now that is very important in fencing. She can read the opponent now when she fences them.”
Fallon is set to compete in her biggest tournament to date this week, as she'll take part in the Cadet World Championships in Dubai, which pits the top three fencers from each country.
Obviously, I really want to win,” Fallon said. “Not many people in America have won world cups, at least like in the women's EP-AA Division. If I win I feel like I proved myself to everyone.”