Woman finds cat inside taped box near King Kullen in Middle Island

A woman says she found a cat inside a box taped closed in Middle Island Saturday night.
Laura Bruno says she often feeds the stray cats that live behind the King Kullen on Middle Country Road. She says that's where she found the box with duct tape Saturday night.
"Inside, when I opened the box that was duct taped, was a cat crying, sitting on a cat bed covered with its own feces," Bruno says. "It's animal cruelty...whoever did this in the dead of the winter should be ashamed of themselves."
Bruno says it's common to find cats left by people in this area, but she warns it is dangerous because the other cats can be aggressive. She says the nearby woods are not safe.
Bruno says the cat was taken by her friend, who is with the organization Nobody Starves on Long Island, and they are hoping to get it a foster home and eventually adopted out.