Year-end exhibition at Bronx Documentary Center goes virtual due to COVID-19

The year-end exhibition at the Bronx Documentary Center is going online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 
The nonprofit gallery and educational space shows the work of internationally renowned and emerging photographers through exhibitions, screenings and public programming.
Students were all given cameras to take home when the center shut down in March and were encouraged to capture how their lives were affected by the coronavirus.  
Lucki Islam is one of 50 students from the Bronx Junior Photo League whose photography will be on display in the exhibit. She says she decided to do her end-of-the-year project with the Bronx Documentary Center on her family’s Ramadan journey at home while in quarantine. 
"It was something new for me and it was challenging… It brings me a lot closer to my family and what Ramadan was to me,” said Islam. 
The Bronx Junior Photo League’s virtual gallery will be open on Wednesday. 
"It's a journey, it's a spiritual journey and individuals take it with themselves or with people around them,” said Islam. 
She says Ramadan was very different this year for her and her family and that, while she had never taken many photos at home, she decided to capture the moment like she saw many doing around the world. 
"When you're able to feel something very strongly you can convey that to others and they can feel it too,” said Islam. 
The executive director tells News 12 that as of right now, most of the center’s summer classes will be virtual this year.