'You will pay a price.' MTA, NYPD, Port Authority cracking down on obstructed license plates

The NYPD, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Port Authority and other agencies are cracking down on obstructed license plates across the boroughs ahead of the summer travel season. 
The agencies are making clear that any device, material or marking that covers your license plate is considered illegal. Some of these covering can even be found online for drivers to purchase. 
Nearly a year ago, the New York City Highway Patrol says it started sending select officers to specialized training to identify the fraudulent plates. 
Just last year, the MTA says it issued nearly 400 summonses on the bridges and tunnels it operates. This year, the NYC Highway Patrol says it conducted 30 joint operations that led to nearly 2,800 summonses, 17 arrests and numerous vehicles being seized. 
The agencies say they are thankful that Gov. Kathy Hochul substantially increased the maximum fine with recent legislation.