Young surfer has goal to surf every day for 1,000 days at the Jersey Shore

A 10-year-old from Brigantine has made it his mission to surf every single day during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Carter Doorley schlepped his surfboard across knee-high snow drives and ice to the beach in Brigantine this week.
When the virus sent the state into a lockdown in 2020, Doorley vowed to keep himself busy by surfing every day. He has kept it up with 590 days straight. Why does he do it?
“I guess COVID because there was nothing else to do. And since there is nothing else to do, why not keep doing it,” he says. “It’s fun and I got all these great things from doing it. So I’m just going to keep doing it.”
The streak has earned Doorley notoriety through news coverage and social media. This has translated into some free gear and the ability to pay it forward. He has raised money for a local animal rescue and collected food for a local soup kitchen.
Doorley's mother, Daw,n is the driver and support staff. She helps make sure the streak stays alive. The first goal was 100 days and then a year.
“Every time he reaches a milestone, it gets bumped up,” Dawn says.
Doorley is now aiming for 1,000 days. As any parent knows, time moves quickly. Dawn says she knows these moments are previous, even if sometimes keeping up the streak is hard.
“Me and Carter’s dad, we’re just so happy that he found his thing. And the ocean has always been his thing that kind of calms him and grounds him,” Dawn says. “He’s so happy to be out there and we’re happy to help his passion every day.”