Zipcar's car-sharing service sees an increase in Bronx customers

After expanding in the Bronx, Zipcar's car-sharing service has noticed an increase in service with Bronx customers in comparison to other parts of the city.
The company provides people who live in urban areas access to cars for hourly or daily fees while not carrying the stress that comes with car ownership. "They're going out to do errands, they're going on fun winter escapes, and they're really getting out of the city to do what they need to do," said Marketing Manager Stephanie Aboulafia.
Here's how it works:
- After signing up on the website, you reserve a car in your neighborhood.
- Once you receive your member card in the mail, you put it on the windshield to unlock the doors, and you'll find the keys inside.
- Then you can rent the car by the hour or for days at a time.
You also don't need to worry about a parking spot when you're done. Designated parking spots and street signs only allow Zipcar vehicles to park in these spots, so you can avoid worrying about alternate-side parking.
The company says an average of 32 trips are taken per month in the Bronx, and says every Zipcar reduces the need for 13 personally owned cars on the street.
They also say the Bronx and outer Queens, areas previously underserved by car-sharing, have been some of the most successful areas.