1 person dead, over 30 injured in massive Yonkers fire

One person was killed and five others were injured in a fast-moving fire in Yonkers.
The fire started around 1 a.m. on the first floor of the Mona Lisa co-op building on Bronx River Road.
More than 100 Yonkers firefighters responded, and more than 30 of them were injured battling the flames and rescuing residents climbing down fire escapes.
It took hours to put the fire out due to fierce winds and other issues, such as the placement of the building.
More than 70 families have checked in with Red Cross volunteers and at least half of those have been put into emergency housing.
Resident Nicole Green says her father was home when the fire started in their fifth-floor apartment.
"Thank God you know, my father got out. He jumped out of the fire escape. The cats are fine,” she says.
All evening, firefighters have been escorting people in and out to grab whatever personal belongings are salvageable.
"Things can be replaced, friends and family can help, the community can help, so I'm just thankful for that,” says resident Crystal Walthall.
Red Cross volunteers and Yonkers city officials are working to provide emergency housing, food, and health services.
“They've been working really hard to support these residents who have been displaced and who have been dealing with so much,” says said Michael de Vulpillieres, of the American Red Cross in the Greater New York.
First responders say the fire quickly ripped throughout the 95-unit building. Officials say the roof collapsed and the building sustained extensive water damage.
Red Cross volunteers will return to the Scotti Community Center Thursday morning to continue helping people impacted by the fire.
Residents said fire alarms didn't go off on the first floor and investigators are looking into that, but the actual cause of the fire is still under investigation.