18-year old victim of possible Midwood hate assault speaks out

The victim of a possible hate crime assault spoke with News 12's Phil Taitt about his experience and what needs to be done.

News 12 Staff

May 11, 2022, 9:42 PM

Updated 763 days ago


The NYPD is investigating a possible hate crime that happened in Midwood on Tuesday.
Eli Schwartz says he was walking between classes at the Yeshiva when the walk turned violent. He says he was approached by a group of five people who shouted, “Free Palestine” multiple times.
Schwartz, just 18 years old, suffered a punch to his right eye before the people responsible ran away. NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is currently investigating this crime.
Schwartz did not stay quiet when asked about the incident.
“You can’t just do whatever you want just because someone’s not like you,” said Schwartz. “It doesn’t mean you can just hate on them and do whatever you want. I had nothing to do with them, I’ve never seen them before.”
A group of people supporting Schwartz was seen walking up and down Avenue M when News 12 met with him. The group seemed to be letting their presence be known and have assisted police with getting surveillance video of the attack.
Police say the victim was taken to Maimonides Hospital for swelling and bruising, and there are no arrests at this time.

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