2 hip-hop greats, nonprofit give C.S. 55 an in-school recording studio

Community School 55 is getting musical thanks to two hip-hop pioneers.
Grandmaster Caz and Melle Mel's organization Windows of Hip-Hop, along with Bulova, awarded the school with a brand-new recording studio.
The artists say they are sharing the gift of music through the gift of creation.

"Hip-hop and music in general has lifted our communities up for years especially in the last 30, 40 years of hip-hop, so it’s good we show kids how to thrive,” says Grandmaster Caz.

A cafeteria in C.S. 55 will morph into a recording studio and dance floor. Students will learn to make music and other skills that can help them outside the music world.

"Music is a great teacher and the most important thing is the education you have to feel good about your education, you have to want to learn and educate yourself,” says Melle Mel.

Funding is from nonprofit Windows of Hip-Hop, as well as Bulova. The company known for its time pieces will be giving teachers watches to encourage them to get involved with the studio.
Bulova officials, along with the two hip-hop legends, made the announcement during its Grammy’s brunch. 

Students will learn to write, edit and produce. The artists say they didn't have the resources to record when they first started and are thrilled to pass the craft on to the next generation.
For more than four years, teaching artist, singer and songwriter Ricardo “Luss” Nigaglioni has led the Bronx Children’s Museum GreenArts Afterschool Program at C.S. 55, teaching second- and third-graders the art of writing, recording, editing and producing their own music. Organizers say the program is designed to increase children’s self-confidence through the arts, writing and public speaking, has given the students an opportunity to explore hip-hop as a means of social activism, advocating for healthy living, healthy foods and physical fitness.