2 more defendants prep for trial in 'Junior' death case

Less than two weeks after gang members were handed life sentences in the murder of Bronx teen Lesandro "Junior" Guzman Feliz, two more defendants are now preparing for trial.
Frederick Then and Diego Suero had their pre-trial on Tuesday. They are believed to have called the shots that led to Junior's murder.
Both are charged in the 2018 fatal stabbing. Neither of the defendants were captured on video stabbing Junior, but Suero was arrested for allegedly ordering the hit on a rival gang member the night prosecutors say Junior was mistakenly targeted.
"You were not in the camera, you were not in the scene, but yet the scene came through because of the orders from you," said Junior supporter Yvette Rodriguez.
Then is accused of partaking in the chase that ended with Junior's murder. According to a detective's testimony, he surrendered to police in Sept. 2018.
Detective Francis Orlando says Michael "Sosa" Reyes, who flipped in the first trial, identified Suero as the Los Surés leader in photos.
Suero's lawyer questioned Detective Orlando on what evidence the NYPD had against his client that led to his arrest. Orlando says he had information from "Sosa" Reyes about Suero's alleged involvement- but no blood or knives to attach Suero to the scene.
Detective Orlando says the only thing police recovered from him was his phone.
Six others are charged in the case and are also awaiting trial.