2 NYPD officers rescue blind man from Brooklyn train tracks

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority honored two NYPD officers for rescuing a blind man on a Brooklyn subway platform.
The NYPD says Officer Jason Macaluso and Detective Henry Greco were patrolling the Grant Street subway platform in Brooklyn May 18 when they saw Suleiman Rifai, 61, fall face-first onto the tracks and start bleeding. The two officers rushed to his aid as an A train approached the station.
“We did hear the train coming towards us at first and then we saw the light of a train coming,” said Greco. “I waved my arms and used my flashlight to wave down the train to slow it down.”
Police say Macaulso spoke to Rifai to guide him back toward the platform.
Rifai thanked the officers, saying in part, “Without you I would never be here today, so I really am grateful for you being there at the right time. And when I heard your voices, I knew I would be OK.”
Both officers are part of the Neighborhood Coordination Team and usually patrol housing developments. They were assigned to the Grant Street platform that day as part of Mayor Eric Adams’ Subway Safety Plan.
"This is just real heroic action. And the timeliness, you can see in that video, the communication that was needed," said Adams.
The officers were also given the Hero of the Subway award by the MTA this week for their bravery. It is the highest honor the MTA can bestow to anyone who is not an employee.