23-year-old Greenwich children's book author pens two books

A 23-year-old author from Greenwich has written two children's books that she hopes will teach kids some important lessons.
Alana Galloway says the books are meant to be fun while reinforcing the importance of friendship and sharing.
Galloway, who graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in English, says she used the metaphor and immersive illustrations to convey uplifting themes in her books
She's hoping to create lots of buzz with one book about a bee, the other about a child of privilege who journeys to enlightenment with help from Santa Claus.
 "I've always been intrigued by education. I've always thought that I'd write [a] children's book at one point and given that I had this time I decided to try it out now. I'm really excited to have them published and have them on the market because I've always wanted to be an author," Galloway says.
Galloway says with so many kids learning at home due to the pandemic, the books are perfect for down-time.
Both titles, "Candy Cane Lane" and "Queen Bea" are available on Amazon.