33-year-old off-duty officer assaulted, fires off gun in East Flatbush

An off-duty officer fired his gun while being assaulted in East Flatbush Wednesday night, police say.
Police are still on the scene of the shooting that involved a 33-year-old officer who works in Manhattan but lives in Brooklyn.
According to police, at around 9:40 p.m. Wednesday, the NYPD says the off-duty NYPD officer was driving near Rogers Avenue and Martense Street when he ran over what appeared to be a pile of fireworks that he says a group of about eight to 10 men were getting ready to light off.
Police tell News 12 he stopped his car and an argument started between the group and him. He says the group started to attack him and that's when he fired one round from his gun. Police say no one was hurt and the group of men ran off. The officer was taken to the hospital where he has since been treated and released.
Police say several people were taken in for questioning at the scene but are not believed to be suspects. They ask if anyone has information, call the police.