4 jurors selected to serve on ‘Junior’ murder trial

Four jurors have been selected to serve on the trial of the suspected Trinitarios gang members accused of beating and stabbing 15-year-old Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz last summer.
Prosecutors say the five men on trial used machetes on Junior.
On Monday, prospective jurors left with questionnaires that asked:
How do you feel about a gang allegedly being involved in this case?
Do you believe a defendant is guilty based off of an indictment?
Can you put aside what you have heard so far and start with a clean slate?
On Tuesday, one defense lawyer argued jurors should be open to hearing any kind of testimony during the trial — including the theory that Junior was involved in the “Sunset Crew” of the Trinitarios.
Prosecutors claim the suspects, allegedly part of the Los Sures set, were looking for members of their rival the night Junior was killed.
Those who know Junior have adamantly denied he was part of a gang.
The court has to choose eight more jurors. Jury selection will continue Thursday. A judge is expected to decide then on whether Jonaiki Martinez-Estrella, the man accused of delivering the fatal blow, will be tried separately.