4 men from NYC charged in Westchester robberies targeting Asian Americans

Four men from New York City have been charged in a string of brazen robberies targeting Asian Americans in Westchester.
Authorities say the men essentially formed a burglary crew and targeted the private homes of Asian American business owners.
In Tarrytown, a victim who was home at the time of the robbery was forcibly restrained.
A task force comprising of police from 18 different departments was formed to find the four suspects. Authorities caught them as they were attempting to commit yet another robbery in White Plains on Oct 24.
Two of the men were charged with attempted burglary in the first degree, burglary in the second degree and grand larceny.
The other two men were charged with attempted burglary.
All four men are currently in Westchester County Jail.
Tarrytown Police Chief John Barbalet wants residents- especially Asian Americans - to practice hyper vigilance.
"If there's suspicious vehicles or if there are people that don't belong where they should, to contact your local police department. We also encourage motion-censored lights, alarms in your house - because this is something that could absolutely stop the burglary from happening," he says.
Marjorie Hsu, of the Asian American Federation, says it is unfortunate that Asian Americans were targeted, especially after the hardship their businesses endured during the pandemic.
"They took the hardest hit in terms of their revenues in the early days of the pandemic, and now the fact that Asian business owners are being attacked in their homes is really atrocious."
The task force does not believe that these are the only robberies the crew has committed. They are asking for the public's help and have created a tip line. It can be reached by calling 1-800-898-8477.