70-year-old woman hit by car and killed while sitting on her steps

A memorial has been set up at the spot where 70-year-old Brenda Whidbee was hit by a car and dragged several feet.
The Brownsville community say she was a pillar in the neighborhood.
Neighbors say Whidbee was sitting on the steps of her apartment Tuesday night when a car came up along Thomas S Boyland Street, jumped the curb and struck her.
Witnesses say the driver never took her foot off the gas pedal.
Police say they have arrested 30-year-old Layla Adredini.
Neighbors tell News 12 it looked like Adredini tried to hit another man on the corner, but missed him and hit Whidbee instead.
Neighbors caught Adredini when she tried to run away and held her until police arrived.
“(Adredini) was in the building smiling, laughing about,” recalls Joyce Harden. “(Whidbee) was dying on the ground and her kids were outside watching.”
Adredini was charged with murder and attempted murder.
Friends and relatives of Whidbee say this was a senseless act of violence and want justice immediately.