'A big thing.' 2 Bronx seniors are 1st in their families to get into Ivy League colleges

Two Bronx residents will be the first members of their families to be accepted to an Ivy League college. 
KIPP NYC College Prep High School seniors Carla De La Cruz and Darwin Restrepo De La Cruz are receiving a payoff of four years of hard work. 
Carla De La Cruz will be attending Columbia University, and Darwin Restrepo De La Cruz will be going to Yale University. 
Carla De La Cruz plans to study political science with an emphasis on law and activism, while Darwin Restrepo De La Cruz focuses on biochemistry. 
“I am really passionate about climate change and that's something I would like to help out in the future,” said Darwin Restrepo De La Cruz. 
Both seniors’ families are from the Dominican Republic.
Carla De La Cruz came to the United States when she was 12 years old. “As a Latin woman, I am doing a big thing in my family and in my community.  I am out here representing,” said Carla De La Cruz. 
The seniors are working with guidance counselors to apply for numerous scholarships and navigate through the financial aid process. 
They’ll be attending college in the fall.