A life of public service: Pelham Parkway’s Edith Blitzer

If you live in Pelham Parkway, chances are you know Edith Blitzer. The Bronx native has devoted her life to public service.
She’s a familiar face to almost everyone on Holland Avenue.

“I want the neighborhood to be a good neighborhood, I want the quality of life to be the best,” says Blitzer.
Starting in Soundview, she volunteered with children before becoming PTA president for her own children’s school. She and her family moved to 2141 Holland Ave. in 1973, where she continued her community activism by working with local politicians over the decades to bring improvements.
The 81-year-old sits on Community Board 1 and is president of the Pelham Parkway Neighborhood Association.
“If you don't do for your neighborhood, nothing gets done,” she says. “And I'm not moving out of here, they're gonna carry me out of here.”
Despite the death of her brother a little over three years ago and then her husband months later, she continues to be an active presence in the community. She was forced to fight even harder last year when she was diagnosed with cancer.
“I hope it's conquered, we'll find out next month,” she says.

Her battle hasn’t stopped her from speaking on behalf of her borough and she wants to inspire the next generation to get involved.
“The only thing I'd like to put it out to the people of our community - get off their behinds and start working with us,” she says. “You gotta put in in order to get out.”