Anthony Herbert - Residents First

1. What would be your top priority as NYC Public Advocate?
Repairing NYCHA without putting tenants in jeopardy by selling off the holding to private developers as outlined in de Blasio's NYCHA 2.0.
2. How did you choose your party name?
Having experienced homelessness as a youth, I have spent much of my adult life advocating for clean, affordable housing for everyone. I organized the 24 hour press tour through NYCHA facilities that uncovered the deplorable conditions and corruption taking place inside NYCHA. Residents First was a name that New Yorkers struggling with skyrocketing rents or apartments in need of repair could identify with.
3. What do you love about living in New York City?
We are a cultural mosaic where you can take a trip around the world by simply walking through different neighborhoods.
4. What's your least favorite thing about living in New York City?
The progressive ideology that was supposed to create equal opportunity for everyone is leaving too many people behind.
5. What was your biggest challenge in school?
Attending school while not having a stable place to live was stressful.
6. How do we fix public transit?
Break down the MTA into manageable agencies with a focus on customer service. An annual independent audit of the smaller agencies will ensure that waste is kept to a minimum.
7. If you could have dinner with any celebrity dead or alive, who would it be & why?
Michael Jackson
8. What needs to be done to improve conditions at NYCHA complexes?
We must begin by launching an independent audit to ascertain whether managers have been following federal, state and city guidelines for reporting and for utilizing tenants to do repair work as outlined in Section 3 of HUD guidelines. They will also log the age and function of building-wide mechanical systems such as the HVAC, electrical and cable. They will conduct a survey of each tenant to understand their repair needs and identify which apartments are not occupied and why. Once we establish a baseline for repairs, we can create a plan and timeline to fund those repairs without putting tenants at risk of losing their apartments due to unscrupulous section 8 landlords.
9. Can you cook? What's your specialty?
As the President of President/CEO and Chairman of the Multi-Cultural Restaurant & Night Life Chamber of Commerce, I support the men and women who risk everything to open a restaurant in New York City. With so many great food options there is no need to cook.
10. What inspired you to get involved in politics?
Experiencing homelessness in my childhood caused me to become an advocate to ensure that all New Yorkers have a clean safe place to live. To that end, I am proud to have served as Special Assistant to former New York City Councilwoman Priscilla Wooten; Special Assistant to former Congressman Edolphus Towns, and Statewide Director of African American Affairs for the NY State Senate Minority Re-apportionment Task Force.I was also employed as a Vocational/Educational Specialist for a Mentally Ill Homeless Woman's Shelter in the East New York section of Brooklyn.
11. What's your favorite movie? TV show? App?
Favorite movie "Rudy", TV Show Family "Feud" App - "Facebook"
12. Any hidden talents?
The ability to identify injustice and create a plan to resolve it.