Back to School: Shopping on a budget

Back to School: Shopping on a budget

The summer is winding down, which means families are stepping away from the beach to get some of those last-minute back to school deals.
Going back to school comes with a long list of needed supplies, and some of those classroom essentials can put a dent in parents’ wallets.

Despite some stores having sales on back-to-school items, MoneyCrashers says discounts may not be the only way to save. The site says a supply swap with neighbors and friends is a cheap way to get some needed materials before hitting the stores.

The site also says splitting some of those bulk deals with other class moms can help bring costs down.

“I’m a mom on a budget. What I would buy on a given day here I can get them for 50 cents, and it lasts me the whole school year,” says Cristal Luciano, shopper.

For those who are not sure what to look for in stores, push those fears aside, as some stores have you covered

“We partnered with all of the community schools, local schools and we got a teacher's list, so everything they have on the list they can shop that,” says Tariq Akram, manager of Staples.

The most popular trends they say that comes in the form of matching sets.